Eyes of Light -- Suzie Addicks -- Visionary Artist & Spiritual Teacher

Paintings & Prints

White Buffalo WomanAngel in ManifestationEmerging Energy
7 Sacred Rays Emanating from the Heart ChakraDiamond in HeartMaster Hilarion
WolfThe I AMLord Metatron
The Cosmic Mother MaryThree Fold FlameFlower of Life
Ascension-Master of 7 RaysRosaThe Boot
Angels with PortalHeliosRose Guitar with Messenger
AscensionThe Ruby Ray and Christ ConsciousnessThe Cosmic Christ
Thought Consciousness EmergingPortal3 Fold Flame Moving Out
GridAroundMe12-8-05Grid7-10-08Grid 12-04-08
Grid 5-18-08Contact W-I AM 07Grid2003
Christ & Lord Maitreya w-cLady Master NadaThe Spiritual Heart
MelchizedekSanat KumaraMother Mary with Pink Roses
humbirdCapstone #2Eagle